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The Toya Company

The company TOGIAS began its operation in the early 70s by its founder Ioannis Togias and was initially active in the trade of electrical appliances, televisions and videos.

From the mid-1980s, the founder's three sons joined the company and a course of continuous development and expansion of the company's activities began.

Thus the company expands into the trading of tiles and sanitary ware and into the manufacture of kitchen furniture and wardrobes. In 1998, the company, setting new standards in the kitchen furniture manufacturing sector in the wider area of Evia, created a new state-of-the-art kitchen furniture and cabinet manufacturing factory in Vatonas, Evia. The continued upward trend of the company both in terms of turnover and customer turnover created the need to expand and upgrade the factory facilities and for this purpose the company made a new investment in 2008 with the expansion of the production area and the supply of new state-of-the-art mechanical equipment.

Today the company has the following business premises:

  • The shop S.Kapnisis 7, Chalkida with three floors of exhibition of tiles and sanitary ware of famous foreign houses. Tel 22210 61033

The TOGIAS company is surrounded by specialized personnel in the subject of each store, thus ensuring a high level of services with excellent and as fast as possible service and offering solutions and ideas adapted to the needs of each customer. This fact combined with the provision of quality products at highly competitive prices has ensured the satisfaction and trust of our customers over time, with the result that the company covers the needs of its customers throughout Greece.

The permanent and lasting goal of our company is the most complete service and satisfaction of our customers. For this purpose, the executives of our company carry out continuous research in the domestic market as well as in foreign markets in order to find and ensure the best and highest quality items, at the best possible prices, maintaining the ideal quality-price ratio of the products and goods we provide to our customers.

Our dynamic presence in the Greek market for more than forty years and the trust with which our thousands of customers surround us throughout the country, our experience and specialized knowledge, our modern logistical equipment and the respect and care for the needs of the consumer guarantee your perfect service.

After all, the creation of our online store is yet another effort by our company for more direct and faster communication and service to our customers and to ensure more competitive packages of offers.