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Tile Buying Guide

Tile Buying Guide - AFOI TOGIA

It is certain that buying new tiles and replacing the old ones, broken or not, is a complicated process especially for someone with little or no knowledge about tiles.

The fact that tiles are now available in many different designs, qualities and textures makes their selection a "painful" process. So with all of the above in mind, we have created a complete tile selection guide, which includes a clear categorization of tiles, information on their qualities, an explanation of technical characteristics, as well as answers to the most frequent questions regarding tiles on the one hand, and installation on the other their.

Basic categories of tiles

We can divide the tiles into 3 distinct categories:

  • Construction material
  • Quality of construction
  • Installation space

Based on construction material:

Granite Tiles (Granite Tiles)

Granite tiles are made of granite. They are characterized by great resistance to friction, stress, moisture and extreme temperatures, such as frost. Granite tiles can be polished or unpolished i.e. matte. Granite tiles are characterized as polished when, after their production, they go through various polishing stages in order to obtain a shiny surface and low absorbency.

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic tiles are produced at a lower temperature than granite tiles and have less strength. Nevertheless, they are an excellent choice for indoor spaces or spaces with little exposure to the elements. Ceramic tiles are divided according to their surface, into glazed and unglazed. The surface of the enamelled ones is covered with a thin layer of enamel, which nullifies the absorbency of the tile and they are divided into matte, semi-glossy and glossy. The non-enamelled ones are impregnated with special liquids to reduce their absorbency.

Based on build quality:

First Quality Tiles:

First quality tiles are characterized by those that have no visible defects, such as scratches, spots or knocked corners, have equal length sides, a smooth surface and the same color throughout their surface.

Sorting Tiles:

Sorting tiles can be classified as tiles when they have one or more defects, for example broken corners, uneven side lengths, color variations, etc.

Based on mounting space:

    • Floor tiles
    • Bathroom tiles
    • Wall Cladding Tiles
    • Pool Tiles
    • Mosaic Tiles