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Hydromass Buying Guide

Hydromass Buying Guide - AFOI TOGIA

Hot water therapy has been shown to be useful in the treatment, relief and prevention of injuries. For many people, it also helps relieve the stress of everyday life.

The hot tub is easy to install. Generally, a hot tub can be installed within a few hours by a skilled, trained delivery team without any special equipment.

Taking care of a hot tub is very easy.

You can find hot tubs made of various materials. However, we recommend acrylic hot tubs as they combine top quality with affordable cost. The acrylic acts as an insulating material, ensuring the ideal temperature in the bathtub. In contrast, cast iron tubs have difficulty heating and maintaining temperature, which is why they are not used for hot tubs.

In any case, the final choice of hot tub depends on both the available space and your needs.